Makeup is FUN

I was never a makeup person! When I joined for a wholesale account, my friends laughed because I NEVER wore makeup. Heck, I'm still learning how to use everything. But it quickly snowballed into my friends purchasing from me so we could all play with different looks! I never realized how much makeup could be such a confidence booster; I never wore it because I touch my face a lot and it would smear. Not a problem anymore and I love I can share mommy proof and boss babe proof lip color with other amazing people!

"None of my Friends use Makeup"

That's fine! I'm sure they use chapstick and would love our glosses which are much more hydrating. Or I bet, they even have skin. I know I sound silly, but we have some of the best skincare products out there. Yes I may be biased, but I always rolled my eyes at my mother growing up when she tried to push moisturizer on me. Now I am the one pushing and sharing products with her!
Our skin is our biggest organ and many of us don't take care of it like we should. We have general cleansers and moisturizers to cover a variety of skin types, on to anti-aging products to keep us young'en's looking young and turn back time for those of us with wrinkles.

Are There Different Ways to Sell?

Of course! You can sign up for the personal discount- check out my Wholesale Account tab!
Casual seller is what I quickly became- I just shared with friends and family and it brought me more customers and a team that quickly grew. You obviously don't have to build a team and could just keep a little stock to sell to friends and family you see and fund their addiction while making a little extra to pay bills or spend on fun things!
Lipstick Empire is now what I have! A team that is ever growing, I make 50% because I order so much at a time, I have an amazing team of ladies who continue to inspire me, I'm about to have a car lease completely paid for, and I am working on earning some free trips- like taking my kiddos to Disney World for FREE!!
To see a further breakdown, keep reading!

How do I make a profit on my product?

It completely depends on how much product you order in at a time and over the month. If you place an order up to $199 retail, you will automatically receive 20% off! This is why distributors are not allowed to discount over 15%; if you want a higher discount you must join as a distributor, even if you don't plan on selling.
Order between $200-$599 retail and receive 30% off.
Order between $600-$1,499 retail and receive 40% off.
Order $1,500+ retail and receive 50% off.
Let's say you order $600 retail, you get 40% off. Now in the same calendar month, if you order in $900 on your next order, you will receive a 50% discount because you have reached ordering in $1,500+.

Some people joined my team- do I make a commission?

Yes! You make an override commission on your team!
Let's say you have three girls who have signed up as distributors directly under you (first line), and one girl who signed up under one of them (second line). All have placed 300pv ($600 retail orders).
  • You will receive $30, $10 for each of the girls on your first line because they have ordered over 100pv
  • You will receive $20 for the girl on your second line because she has ordered over 100pv
  • You will then receive 10% of the total group pv minus their first 100 pv for each. So 900pv-300pv is equal to 600. You then take 10% and that is your group sales bonus of $60!
  • Because you don't have 5 people on your second line (yet), you don't receive a group sales bonus.
So in total $30 + $20 + $60 = $110!

Still on the Fence?

That's fine! There is no rush! Want to sit on the fence and view other stories and shared items from our amazing team? Shoot me a message on my like page! We have a Facebook lounge called Empowerment Money Train Lounge just for you! To join the lounge!
*This group is not open to other SeneGence Distributors not on my team*

My Team is the Makeup Pinups!

If you haven't figured it out, I have a thing for pinup style and I felt the need to carry it over to my team! If you decided to become one of the Pinups, you will need to know our team is a place of positivity and support. We do not bring drama in to our team and expect to treat each other with love and care.
I don't sugarcoat situations and will always be honest. I share information as soon as I know it. If you think this is the team for you, we would love to have you!
Be sure to message me before you sign up so I know and can answer any other questions!

Ready to Join?

Let's get to it!
  • Go to
  • Select Career and then Sign Up from the drop down menu
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Click here to sign-up now"
  • You will get a warning blurb about our high demand situation and the fact that many items are unavailable! Don't worry! You can still sign up and I will help you launch with my inventory to the best of my ability
  • In the Sponsor's ID Number box, enter in 199729
  • The name Kaitlyn Ribera will pop up to ensure that is the right sponsor! That's me! If you are signing up under one of my awesome downlines, make sure you have THEIR sponsor ID number
  • Select Individual account- unless you are signing up through your business entity and then select Business Account
  • Click continue
  • Do not put anything in the Fictitious Business Name unless you have a bank account with that name to cash your commission check with!
  • Fill out all the other boxes
  • Click Sign Up Now!!

Welcome to the team, Pinup!