EyeSense® Shimmer
EyeSense® Shimmer is waterproof, shimmering eye liner that does not smear off, smudge, nor rub off!

The Science Behind the Product
EyeSense® Shimmer shades feature the same long-lasting power as original EyeSense, and are blended with stunning, shimmering glitter for even more drama. One difference between original and shimmer shades is that EyeSense Shimmer shades are alcohol-free. This means that those with more sensitive eye-areas may find EyeSense Shimmers easier to apply. It’s important to note that EyeSense Shimmers take a little longer to dry than original EyeSense shades, as they are not formulated with alcohol. Allow several minutes for EyeSense Shimmers to completely dry to the touch.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Dimethicone – silicone oil used as a skin protectant.
  • Silica – used as a thickening agent in cosmetics.
  • Kaolin - from the naturally occurring mineral kaolinite.
  • Propanediol - an organic compound as a colorless viscous liquid that is miscible with water.
  • Isododecane - Hydrocarbon ingredient used as a solvent. Isododecane enhances the spread-ability of products and has a weightless feel on skin. All hydrocarbons used in cosmetics help prevent the evaporation of water from the skin.