Glam Doll and T.E.A.M Wicked – NEW Limited Edition Colors!

Well hello November! You sure showed up fast! So fast that I got behind with everything I need to do, but that is my life isn’t it?

So let me show you guys the amazing two limited edition colors that were released last month (that is if you haven’t seen me posting about them all over my shopping group. If you are in there, please feel free to skip past this post!).

Introducing Glam Doll and T.E.A.M. Wicked! Absolutely stunning colors for Fall and for layering! Glam Doll is a beautiful earthy red-brown that is gorgeous on every person I have seen. Wicked is definitely a fashion color that throws so many girls off, but when it comes to layering it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I combined it with Fly Girl and was goo-goo eyes over it!  (Check my group for that photo in my personal photos album).

These colors are while supplies last and Glam Doll IS almost sold out! Think you may want it eventually? Grab it before you regret it!

Love you, and love your face!



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