Why Should I Host a Party?

You should host a party for freebies, a discount, and to share these awesome products with your friends. Sharing is caring. Don't you want your friends to feel as amazing as you do using SeneGence products? (Or maybe you are just tired of telling them about lipstick on their teeth...) Either way, it is a great way to have fun with friends- be it in person or online!

Online vs. In Person

Online vs. In Person all depends on your personal taste and our geographical distance.

In Person parties are great if you need some time to spend with your friends and unwind. I bring everything we will need for the party and will even bring a featured drink- your preference of alcoholic or not. I will share with your friends the benefits of our cosmetics and skincare and help everyone to find their perfect color(s) and products!

If you are too busy to host friends over at your house for 1-3 hours, then online is the way to go!  Online parties take place over 4 days with posts throughout each day, with one live portion on the second day. I share all the same things I do at an In Person party, but every can join in the party when it works for them and for the quick live portion on the second day.

Need help deciding between the two? Contact me and we can discuss which will be better for you and your friends!

Rewards Broken Down

Let's talk about the rewards you earn from hosting a party!

  • Automatically as soon as a friend makes a purchase, you will receive 10% off your party order! A discount is always great, right?
  • Now let's say your party hits over $300 retail- that is just 6 friends buying a starter kit! That means you get 20% discount and then a free product. The free product is worth up to $25 and if it is a gloss, color, or credit to use is up to either me or whichever Makeup Pinup you are partying with. Don't worry, that doesn't mean I choose the color or gloss, I just give the choice of category. It all depends on the month and hostess special being run!
  • Now let's say you are an all-star hostess (my FAVORITE, who I usually throw in some extra, EXTRA goodies for) and get a party total over $600 retail. That means you get your freebie from the previous bullet point, and also 30% off your party order!

Need help being the best hostess you can be? Check out my tips below! And when booking and sharing about your party, start with the mindset you will get the 30% off- you would be surprised how much that helps!

What if I want to Use My Rewards to Become a Makeup Pinup?

We can totally do that! What happens is your party needs to have 8 starter kits sell (or the equivalent to $440 retail). I will supply the original starter kits, and then we use the money to submit your first order. What this does is supply product reimbursement to me, and then you also get some product to keep as stock (due to your buying discount). You will have launched and automatically be a qualified distributor- WOOHOO!

If you want to learn more about being a distributor, check out the Become a Distributor page!

Ready to Party?

Go ahead and contact me for open party dates!