Foundations and Mascaras and Shadows- Oh My!

We have everything you need and use in your makeup routine! Both our oil free MakeSense ® Foundation and a Advanced Anti Aging MakeSense ® Foundation will look like you aren't wearing anything. LashSense ® (mascara), ShadowSense (eye shadow), Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer (primer), and more! Tell me what you are looking to replace, and I will tell you the product that will replace it!

Skincare that WORKS!

There are so many skincare regimens out there, but none that work as well or have our SenePlex complex! Verified by an independent lab, clinical testing confirmed our products with SenePlex Complex increased skin smoothness by 45% and there is on average a 23.3% increase in cellular renewal.

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Scroll down to see more, and join my shopping group for even more info! In my group, there is an album showing real life results of my fellow consultants, and the amazing women who create my customer base who have shared their stories! Seeing is believing when it comes to results!

More on SenePlex Complex

Results don't lie- and neither do we! All of our results are verified by independent labs! Check out how your skin can improve in just 8 weeks!

Here are the Facts

Have any of the blemishes mentioned to the right? SeneGence and our amazing skincare can help!

Here are Some of Our Amazing Products

Here are some of the amazing products SeneGence offers besides LipSense in categorical order!

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