Talk About Lash WOW!

I started using our Clear LashExtend back in March on a whim. I thought "Everyone can use longer lashes right?". My real thought was "I want long lashes like my baby boy's because it's just not fair!" Well due to my laziness, being a single mom, and just being so busy, I didn't apply it like I should have for maximum results. But here are my results!

LashExtend on my own eyes!
LashExtend on my own eyes!

Let's be real, it is important when we find a company we love that the products that say they work, actually work. I see so many other companies posting results of 'Real Results now!' But then the consultants own results are less than impressive. So I am out to show if our products actually work or not. If something doesn't work, I will completely admit it and will not share with my customers.

I would say with casual use, LashExtend definitely qualifies as a product that ACTUALLY works. I'm going to be more responsible about my usage and up it to in the morning and before bed to see how much these lashes get boosted- and see if I get the long gorgeous lashes like my little boy!

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