What’s Your Skincare Type

Let's talk about skincare and figuring out which skin type you are! I haven't had one complaint from those who use our skincare! I'm so excited to keep sharing with you all because I keep learning more and more!! Everything I am sharing I learned from a master esthetician who did a training for us recently!

Dry Skincare
People with dry skin are the quickest to age and have tiny tiny pores, you can barely see them. Dry skin is the most sensitive skin out there and can't use physical exfoliators, they need chemical exfoliators- which they would get from our 3-in-1 cleanser! There is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Anyone can have dehydrated skin, and this would show from the lack of water you are ingesting. Dehydrated skin is thin, flaky, tight, and will absorb any product put on it quickly. So remember, dry and dehydrated aren't the same! But your Dry skin can be dehydrated (just like any skin type can!)

Normal skintype
VERY few people have this skintype! This means you have no blemishes, your pores aren't huge but not tiny tiny like Dry. You don't get oily, and basically you have perfect skin (and everyone is super envious of you).

Combination Skin
Combination Skin type has an oily T zone, but is normal/dry everywhere else! This skintype needs to exfoliate regularly, but also moisturize!

Oily Skin
Oily skin type has large pore sizes, requires more exfoliating and cleansing because dead skin get strapped in your pores. Did you know over-cleansing your skin makes the problem worse? When you strip your skin of that oil, your body is going to overcompensate and produce a lot more! Don't do that to yourself!! Oily skin also ages the slowest. Why? So the more oil you produce, the bigger your pores. This oil protects your skin and body from free radicals (all the crud in the air that is damaging)- the oil is a barrier. Oily skin needs hydration back into their skin to protect from free radicals once they have cleansed off the oil. So when using the oily to acne skincare, you definitely need Nangai oil!

Sensitive skin
While Sensitive skin falls under Dry skin, lets talk about it on its own really quick! Sensitive skin can't handle heat as they have very thin skin! Environment, stress, etc can make your sensitive skin worse! Sensitive skin can't use physical exfoliators and needs those chemical exfoliators in that dry skincare!

So after reading this and seeing the graphic below, which skincare type do you think you are?


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