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Interested in a Wholesale Account?

I started with a wholesale account!

The price scared me as a single mom! I mean, $50 for some lipstick? Come on! I bought my first starter set finally due to our 100% satisfaction guarantee and said if I didn't like it, I would return it. I fell in love.
There was no way I could keep paying $25 for a color, so I signed up two days after getting my first color to get a discount for myself and mother with no goals on selling it. My upline understood and never pressured me to do more.

So What's the Discount?

When you sign up as a distributor you have immediate access to a 20% discount. Depending on how much product you order throughout the month, you can achieve a higher discount- up to 50%. Most people who sign strictly for themselves average between 20-30% off every month.
The only minimum you must meet as a distributor is $200 retail every rolling six months.
Will you bother me with ordering monthly?
When you choose to sign up for a wholesale account, just let me know that is your goal! I won't focus on the business side with you and will never contact you about placing an order, except if you are at the risk of falling inactive for your discount! Have more questions? Message me or check out the Become a Makeup Pinup section!
Do you suggest this for someone only ordering one or two things a month?
I do not- mainly because what you would save in discount you would spend on shipping and handling. I suggest to just keep ordering from me or one of my team members- you will end up saving in the long run!
Want to do it?
Check out the Become a Makeup Pinup page to get even more info about being a distributor. Be sure before you sign up to shoot me a message so I can answer any questions you may have!
  • Go to
  • Click "Career" and then "Sign Up"
  • Scroll down and click sign up now!
  • You will see a pop up warning you about our high demand situation and the fact many products are out of stock. Many products are coming back every week! Click through!
  • Sponsor's Distributor ID number: 199729
  • Select Individual Account
  • The name Kaitlyn Ribera will pop up to be sure that is your sponsor- that's me! Click yes!
  • Do not include a Fictitious Business name unless you have a bank account with that name on it
  • Finish signing up!